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Mission Focused, Innovative, Cost Effective Solutions for the Operational Intelligence Community (IC)

Optimizing and augmenting the current operational enterprise with leading edge technologies


Semper Fortis Solutions™ (SFS) blends operational experience with forward thinking innovation to create mission focused, cost effective solutions throughout the Intelligence Community (IC). Through the use of Agile methodologies our objective is to enhance existing capabilities within the IT infrastructure, introducing new technologies where appropriate, thereby reducing cost and saving time. Our expertise can be categorized in five core knowledge areas:

  • Encryption Management Services (EMS) – The only effective means to secure digital communications is through encryption keys. The SFS solution automates management and orchestration of encryption keys, saving time while strengthening security. Through automation, keys can be issued, revoked and federated across the enterprise using a comprehensive solution that includes automation and understanding the key management requirements.
  • Strategic Information Assurance Security Consulting – SFS specializes in implementing Enterprise-Wide Information Security Program Management processes, to support FISMA Continuous Monitoring goals. As a recognized leader within the Information Assurance sector, SFS possesses the credentials and experience to certify information systems under NISPOM, ICD 503, DCID and JAFAN 6/3, DIACAP/DIARMF, and NIST frameworks. Our success is achieved by integrating Information Assurance requirements into the SDLC process to ensure that systems are designed and deployed securely, and on time. As a result, none of the SFS systems undergoing certification were rejected.
  • Agile Enterprise Systems Engineering (AESE) – SFS has developed a customized, holistic Agile approach to ensure the success of designing and building highly adaptive, complex, and secured Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). This methodology allows SFS to quickly understand, evaluate, and enhance the capabilities within the current enterprise with leading edge technologies. This process has been developed from experience and best practices using Agile methodologies from a variety of commercial and government programs. Agile development is a highly effective way of saving time and ensuring the project stays on track by keeping the customer involved in the design and development process. However the project needs proper oversight to ensure its success. The SFS AESE framework uses a top-down, Agile approach to trace mission critical requirements and business processes to the design and development of associated software capabilities. This process builds high performance teams that stay mission focused while incorporating innovation and creative problem solving expertise.
  • Identity, Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (IAAA) Solutions – At SFS, security is a primary focus for building and deploying highly complex and adaptive Enterprise Information Systems. Using secure architectural designs, SFS provides Identification, Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing (IAAA) capabilities compliant with the most stringent Defense and Intelligence Community security standards. Our intimate knowledge of these standards is due to our involvement with NIST and other security organizations. As a result, SFS has created solutions for Multi-Level Security environments that utilize both Role and Attribute-Based Access Controls (RBAC/ABAC), to share information where appropriate, while enforcing policy restrictions on sensitive elements of that same information. As an example of this solution, existing collaboration tools were enhanced which resulted in the creation of a compartmentalized Wiki to share data while restricting access to sensitive elements of information.
  • Enterprise Software Development, Systems Engineering and Integration – Focused on developing, integrating, and enhancing capability for people, processes, and technology. This total engineering solution allows SFS to understand and leverage the current capabilities within the environment. The key to our success is using industry best practices to enhance and optimize the current IT environment – reducing cost and saving time.

Our cost effective, mission focused solutions are derived from our extensive knowledge of the operational landscape providing the background necessary to optimize current toolsets within the enterprise architecture.

Analytic Capabilities

As a result of our operational experience we have a deep understanding of the mission needs of the Warfighter and the necessity of having the right data, at the right time to make informed decisions. Our experience with developing an analytic framework that can be integrated into any architecture, facilitates the ability to quickly integrate new analytic capabilities into the current data flow. As a result, the system can intelligently discover and retrieve the most relevant pieces of information for the operator. This can enhance current decision aids for battlefield commanders, as well as, find relevant information within the cyber domain.

Our broad range of operational experience within security and cyber, as well as, our custom Agile methodologies allow us to develop cost effective, mission focused solutions. Our team consists of thought leaders in security, software, and enterprise architectures. We continue to be a trusted partner to our government customer and our teammates.