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Agile Enterprise Systems Engineering (AESE) Project Management

Semper Fortis Solutions™ has developed a holistic Agile approach to ensure the success of designing and building highly adaptive, complex and secured Enterprise Information Systems (EIS).  Fundamental to this approach is keeping the customer as a partner in every step of the process. This process allows SFS to create new solutions by optimizing current toolsets and making security a part of every component. 

Our comprehensive Agile approach to project management and enterprise architecture development keeps projects on track and within scope.  The customer is a partner in every step of the design process helping to make critical design decisions.  As a result of using Agile methodologies, the overall cost savings using Agile rather than more traditional forms of management, can save at least 20%.  The cost savings is attributed to the fact that user stories, with short iterations, helps keep the project focused on the customer requirements.