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Encryption Management Services (EMS)

The only effective means for securing digital communications is through encryption keys, and to properly manage and enforce these keys requires automation. The Semper-Fortis Solution is a comprehensive approach for Encryption Key Management within the US Intelligence Community (USIC) C6ISR domain. Through automation keys can be discovered, issued, revoked, and federated across the enterprise saving time and increasing security.

The Encryption Management Solution (EMS) includes an in-depth analysis of the mission needs and requirements for Crypto Keys within the US Intelligence Community to include people, process and technologies. Identification and understanding of the Encryption Management System (EMS) is part of a cost effective approach to augment and enhance current capabilities and processes. The Intelligence Community’s operational environment is complicated, it crosses many different types of domains and a variety of architectures, from radio and other hand-held devices, to unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites, to laptops and other peripheral devices. The Semper-Fortis Solutions™ Team has the operational experience and thought leadership to create cost effective solutions to address this type of environment. We understand the mission needs and use cases from the battlefield, to the boardroom. We are at the leading edge of encryption key management technology and contribute too many of the standards that govern this forum, such as, Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) and the NIST 140-2 standard. The Semper Fortis Solution™ is a multi-dimensional approach from understanding policy and governance used for securing digital communications, to automation, to policies that govern key lifecycle management. Using the Semper Fortis™ approach, keys can be automatically tracked and revoked, saving time while strengthening the security posture of the enterprise. In fact, through the use of automation stricter policies can be enforced, such as, periodically refreshing the keys to ensure their protection.