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Check out Fornetix as one of the Promising Cyber Security Solutions in 2015 in CIO Magazine June 2015, page 15.  Bob Guimarin CEO of Fornetix on page 43, discusses the need for Key Orchestration to automate the proper management of encryption keys.

“Open certificate authority (CA) Let's Encrypt this week announced the release of its first free digital certificate, taking the world one step closer to making HTTPS implementations easy and free for domain owners.

The goal is to encrypt websites and to serve them over Transport Layer Security (TLS), thus protecting user’s data from eavesdroppers. Let's Encrypt aims at automating the process of obtaining security certificates so that website owners can easily obtain certificates.

"No validation emails, no complicated configuration editing, no expired certificates breaking your website. And of course, because Let’s Encrypt provides certificates for free, no need to arrange payment," the organization explains on its website.” Read more>

With the emergence of Internet of Things, “security needs to be considered at every stage of software development and systems integration. As we move into a world of being connected to everything at all times, it is important that devices cannot be compromised.” Read more>