Semper Fortis Solutions

Hard Problems
Powerful Solutions

What We Do

  1. Provide Services to Complement Existing Capabilities:  Our approach to systems engineering can be incorporated into existing operations providing seamless integration with existing customer processes. Our understanding of enterprise environments allows us to create an adaptive services delivery model to meet customer needs for their environment.
  2. Provide Expertise in Enterprise Software Integration/Implementation:  The SFS™ Team has in-depth experience in enterprise software development, integration, and services delivery. This expertise is demonstrated in our systematic, yet flexible, approach to implementing solutions for the customer. With a background in enterprise software and services, we understand the technical, bureaucratic, and cost constraints associated with large scale services delivery. That understanding translates into strategies and tactics to aid in effectively implementing new capabilities and delivering quality enterprise services.
  3. Provide “Vendor Neutral” Services to Bring the Best Value in Capabilities to Customers:  Our focus is in providing the best capability to customers. With that in mind we focus on the right solution for the customer based on operational need, cost constraints, and existing systems. When a vendor is selected for the customer, it is because the vendor’s technology is the right answer for the customer.
  4. Providing High Quality Teams to meet customer needs.  Over the past 10 years, our team has demonstrated excellence in the Defense, Intelligence, Federal, and Commercial markets. This has led to a network of highly qualified personnel and businesses available to our team to meet customer needs. In turn, our recruiting team has the ability to reach out and staff highly qualified team members on short notice with excellent results. Overall, we have the capability to bring together the best talent on short notice to meet customer objectives.


Ultimately we believe in supporting the warfighter and meeting the needs of those in harm’s way. Equally important, we also believe in supporting those who help the least fortunate among us. We do this by putting forth highly skilled, experienced, and talented professionals providing exceptional support in whatever theater of operation is required, wherever it is required, and whenever it is required, whether that theater of operation is in the IC, DoD, Federal or Commercial arena.